Description of the JAMBO®-Anchor in english



  • The flukes(1) are well separated which prevents the JAMBO®-Anchor from falling over. The complete weight of the anchor passes directly onto the spiked tips acting in a similar manner to the cast iron anchors of larger ships.
  • On the outer edges of the flukes strong spikes are formed from steel rods (2). These spikes (2) dig firmly into hard packed sand and seagrass providing grip for the anchor, similar to the spikes seen on a Fishermans stock anchor..
  • Through the shape of the flukes (1) the JAMBO®-Anchors hold improves progressively as the anchor digs into the seabed. This feature provides optimum hold on soft ground such as sand and weed.
  • The centre piece (3) of the JAMBO®-Anchor provides the large tilt angle that enables the spikes (4) and the flukes (2) to drive directly into the seabed. Thus the JAMBO®-Anchor only needs a short pull to drive the anchor in.
The solid material and construction of the JAMBO®-Anchor reflect the excellent quality of the product. The JAMBO®-Anchor in catagory  8kg, 11kg, 16kg, 22kg, 30kg, 40kg, 60kg and 90 kg is manufactured from high quality hot galvanised coated steel casting to specification ST 1.0619 also available in polished stainless steel casting, specification 1.4408 (V4A).
The JAMBO®-Anchor holds promptly first time, it is not necessary to “go around” for a second attempt.
The JAMBO®-Anchor can be used by experienced skippers and beginners alike, it is simple to use and effective in all conditions.
Still not convinced ? Watch the JAMBO®-Anchors ability under tough conditions on the internet, we have provided a video sequence of the JAMBO®-Anchor on hard ground. Just watch and see!
  • Animation wie sich der JAMBO auseinander nehmen lassen kann